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YOU CAN HELP to support women and children impacted by family and domestic violence by purchasing an online voucher. Or buy one for yourself purely as an act of kindness!

Purchasing this voucher will ensure you feel great and makes a wonderful gift of love and appreciation for that special figure in your life who is always “a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” (quote by Maya Angelou).

After escaping family and domestic violence women and children will often arrive at our crisis care accommodation with little more than what they are wearing. Your gift will provide a woman or woman and her children with essential and welcoming items including food and toiletries upon arrival.  As useful as these practical items are, the true gift is showing them that someone cares about them.

As the lucky recipient of this voucher, your gift will add colour to their day. It is truly a gift to know that you have helped a person in their hour of need. The impact of your kindness will help women and their children make the first empowering step to a life free from gender-based violence.

Help women and children in crisis care

  • $55 supports one woman and her children
  • $110 supports two women and their children
  • $165 supports three women and their children