How does FDV First Aid work?

FDV First Aid is an online program provided as two engaging, workplace-appropriate courses.

The FDV Implementation guide is comprised of four modules that can be completed as appropriate for your organisation to achieve a comprehensive response to FDV. To complete the course in it's entirety as a planning and draft development exercise please allow 1.5 hours.

Split into five modules, FDV First Aid for Employees takes approximately one hour to complete and can be achieved all at once or as time and work permits. Each module uses step-by step lessons, video examples and a range of downloadable resources. Thanks to our business pilot partners, we know it works for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors.

Both courses can be completed online, or our SCORM package can be uploaded to your organisation's LMS. Tailored packages are available for organisations that would like to monitor participant progress and capture learner analytics.

I would recommend this training course to upper management as compulsory.